First blog post and what better day to start than on my 25th birthday! I decided you only turn a quarter of a century once so why not follow my dreams and start this bad boy blog up. Anywhoooo I know you are all DYING to hear how I’m celebrating my birthday 😉 So let me take you down memory lane from this past weekend and tell you how I rang in the new year. Nothing says “Birthday Celebration” more to me than VACATION. So I decided to pack up the gal pals and head to Palm Springs for the weekend! We relaxed by the pool, ate at the Fab downtown Birba and topped off the magical weekend by doing the DRG BRNCH at the Palm Springs Hardrock Hotel. Talk about a wild weekend..  I’m most happy hanging out and catching up with the girls since we are all at the “busy” stage of life.  I was ready to bring in the new age of 25 with the people I love, doing what I love most and here I am, doing just that. 24 was filled with lots of trial and error but it shaped who I am today and I think it set 25 up for major success! I thought I would dread 25.. but here I am. Thriving.

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