Just a typical Thursday night….


IMG_3135I think one of the best text messages I have ever received read, “Hey Madison, my friend works for the Ellen Show and needs people in Vegas for the Magic Mike Live Show… would you want to be a part of it?” Like HELLO what?!! Yes! After a couple messages back and forth I got all the information and gathered the girls for a fun filled night of half naked men. Little did we know….

We arrived to the Hotel super excited for the show. We signed waivers to be on the Ellen show and had the best seats in the house. I’m talking first row, the dancers breathing on our faces kind of seats. The lights went dim, the music got louder and the show was about to begin. First, out walks Channing Tatum to the stage. It was so casual I think it took the whole audience a second to realize it was even him. *Que the screaming girls* Channing welcomes us to the show and invites Ellen’s right hand man to the stage, tWitch. Ok at this point things are getting crazy! But wait.. the surprises aren’t over yet. Channing wanted to introduce us to his dear friend, Ellen. ELLEN DEGENERES jumps up to the stage. I may or may not have cried.

The Magic Mike Show was amazing! Highly highly reccomend it for any occasion. The men were not only drop dead sexy as hell but so so talented! Even ask Ellen. She got a couple lap dances and claimed “I now kind of understand you guys now.” She then stated she’s still on her team but that night helped clear some things. Lol. I am seriously obsessed with her.

Just a typical Thursday night getting lap dances, dancing with Channing Tatum and Ellen for her show. How will I ever live up this night ever again?? Check out the show next Friday and look for the crazy girl crying when she sees Ellen. It may or may not be me…..



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