My love life..

I think its time I introduce you to the love of my life. Im pretty much an open book so for some of you, this might not come as a surprise. We met eight years ago and I like to say it was love at first sight. We have had an amazing relationship for so long that we decided to add another lover to the group eight months ago. Two lovers? Crazy I know. I have my hands full. Both are complete opposite but they bring out the best of me everyday. They have four legs and a tail as well. SURPRISE… Swiftleigh and Arrow. Duh. Who else do you think I was taking about?
I got Swightleigh eight years ago and she was truly my dream dog. All my dogs have been from the shelters, so when my dream dog was a yorkee.. well it was close to impossible to find those at the shelters. But one day we walked in to an adoption event and there was a little “yorkee” baby girl. We got her right away. Life has been great with Swiftleigh, who’s name is inspired by Taylor Swift, duh. Big fan. Life got a little scary last December when Swift was diagnosed with a heart murmur. She is a stage 4 with 7 being the worst. I cried for weeks. I would find myself waking up in the middle of the night and making sure she was breathing fine. It has been a roller coaster of emotions and lots of pain meds. So after all of this do you know what I did? I thought to myself “why don’t I add to my stress and get Swift a puppy brother.” Bingo. Dumb dumb idea.
Baby boy Arrow was one cute son of a gun that no one could say no to. Little eight pound ball of white fluff with one blue eye and one brown. Life was great with Arrow up until his eight week check up. **Eight seems to be our unlucky number around here if you couldn’t tell. It was a normal day with Arrow’s vaccine appointment on our agenda. 24hours after that shot our lives flipped upside down. Arrow all of the sudden couldn’t open his eye and began screaming in pain. We rushed him to the vet and then waited for the news we didn’t want to hear. The vet told us to rush him to a vet ophthalmologist. Pressure in a dog’s eye should range from 11-20. Arrow’s pressure was a 55. If we wanted to save his eye we had to act fast. I plan on doing a full post on Arrow’s eye that is one of a kind and his long road ahead. Just know we have come a long way. Arrow will be on two different eye drops for the rest of his life.
Between my two dogs I’m pretty sure I keep the vets in business. They might have their equal shares of problems but Swiftleigh and Arrow are for sure the best thing ever. life wouldn’t be complete without these fur babies in my life.

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